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ISHRSMeet the hair transplant doctor
that everyone's talking about…

Dr. Norton Abramson...the most experienced hair transplant specialist in Minnesota!

Now with offices in Beverly Hills and Eagan, there is no need to travel!

Dr. Norton Abramson, M.D., now exclusively in Minnesota at his office located in Eagan. Dr. Abramson is a board certified surgeon with over 25 years’ experience as a hair transplantation specialist. As one of the finest and most experienced hair transplant specialists in the world, Dr. Abramson has attracted and performed hair transplantation on patients from around the world, including some of the most prominent celebrities in Hollywood and Minnesota.  KFAN radio personality and WCCO-TV sportscaster Mark Rosen as well as many others have come out publicly to praise the results of their hair transplant performed by Dr. Abramson and his staff.

All  photos of hair transplantation results depicted within this website are the results of hair restoration provided by Dr. Abramson.

A recognized authority in the field of hair transplantation, Dr. Abramson, has performed over 18,000 successful hair restoration procedures. He has perfected the technique of Microprecision Follicular Grafting®.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Abramson has been affiliated with several of the most prominent hair transplantation clinics in North America. Dr. Abramson has personally trained other well-known physicians in the art and science of hair restoration.

Dr. Abramson has over 25 years’ experience in hair restoration surgery, with thousands of satisfied patients. Call today to schedule a FREE no-obligation consultation! (651) 287-3080.


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Mark Rosen

"I can see more and more hair everyday. What's even better it's my hair! I couldn't be happier with the results! Dr. Abramson and the entire hair restoration team are the best in the business!"*

—Mark Rosen

Don K

"Prior to me making the decision to get this done, my wife was a strong advocate for how much she loved me just the way I am. After I had it done and hair started to grow in and look like it does now, she is the most excited about me having it done."*

—Don K.

Steve R

"I've been amazed at the difference it has made in my life. I wish I would have done this five years ago!"*

—Steve R.


Michael W

"As a public speaker, I can't tell you the difference it's made. It's made a world of difference not being self-conscious of my hair. This is the way to go, this is the best thing I have ever done!"*

—Michael W.


"I used to wear a hat as a subconscious way to cover my hair-loss. It's enjoyable to have my hair restored and be able to comb my hair the way I want."*



  * Individual results may vary. 


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* Individual results may vary.