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Three Applicators Combine For One InnovativeTreatment Solution.

The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results, triniti™ is a treatment in three steps, performed sequentially, during the same office visit. With the triniti skin program, color correction, skin tightening and focused dermal remodeling can all be achieved in a single session. The eMax™ multi-application platform offers the full range of aesthetic treatments with one compact system, enabling the triniti solution!

How It Works

Step 1 : Renew™
FotoFacial RF

RenewThe SR or SRA applicators target both vascular and pigmented lesions for skin rejuvenation.

Renew effectEffect: Removal of telangiectasia, rosacea, poikiloderma and sunspots for more even skin tone.


Step 2 : Refirme™
Refirme Skin Tightening

RefirmeThe Refirme applicator stimulates long term collagen synthesis as well as the tightening of existing collagen fibers, giving an immediate firmed appearance.

RefirmeEffect: Initially, there is an immediate contraction of existing collagen fibers, but with time, the laxity of the brow, jowls, neck and cheek areas will continue to improve due to the delayed collagen remodeling response.


Step 3 : Matrix IR™
Matrix IR Focused Remodeling

Matrix IRThe Matrix IR fractional applicator delivers more focused energy to target zones, promoting fast collagen renewal and remodeling for a smoother appearance.

Matrix effectEffect: Heat conducted to collagen fibers stimulates a short-term reaction of collagen contracture, followed by a long term process of new collagen remodeling, a process which is facilitated by the undamaged tissue. The Matrix IR treatment results in improved appearance of facial and neck wrinkle and rhytids.


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