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The Truth about Botox® Pricing

Myth: Some people think if they price shop for Botox® and find the best “price per unit”, they will ultimately get the best value. What people don’t realize is that NO ONE injects pure Botox®.  Therefore, you can never compare apples to apples on pricing. Fact: Botox® must be diluted with saline solution before it is administered into the patient.  So how does that affect consumer pricing?
Here are some variables to consider:

  1. Since Botox® cannot be administered in its pure form it MUST be diluted with saline solution.
    How does that affect price per unit pricing? If you dilute Botox® with a greater percentage of saline solution it will increase the profitability to the clinic, and diminish the effectiveness of Botox® with regard to the patient’s result.

  2. Are you actually receiving Botox®?
    1. The only legal and FDA approved source for Botox® is a company called Allergan.
    2. Some clinics in the U.S. are purchasing less expensive knock offs from other countries that are not FDA approved and are illegal to administer in the U.S.

  3. Most people also believe if they find the clinic that sells Botox® at the lowest price per unit they will actually pay the lowest price. That is not necessarily true.  Since patients have no idea how much actual Botox® the person injecting is actually administering, they may actually be paying more for Botox®. 

  4. How does over diluting affect your result? The result will not be as effective or long-lasting. 

  5. Some believe that all people who administer Botox® are equally qualified. Not true. Due to poor regulating by licensing agencies, some clinics have found loop holes in the law by employing non-medical staff members working under a so-called “Medical Director” who is not on staff.  Non-medical injectors do not have the training and experience of a doctor or nurse.  

Rejuv Skin & Laser Clinic does not play games with prices, results, or with your health. Our prices are very competitive and are based solely on the size of the area to be treated.  Botox® is a service and quality matters. We stand behind our results.  Our Botox® is purchased through Allergan and our Botox® is only administered by a doctor or a nurse.

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